A Proprietary Under Al Muqtadir Jewellery Group

Al-Nur is a wholesale gold and diamond jewellery. After the grand success of Al Muqtadir Gold & Diamond jewellery at Trivandrum, our founder Mr Mohammed Manzoor expanded his business to 7 more jewellery stores Al-Qadir, Assalam, Al Khaaliq, Al Baasit, Al Aziz, Al Quddus and Al-Mailk total of 8 stores. We are now expanding to 7 more stores which focus on supplying gold to the whole of India. These new stores are Al Fattah, Al Nur, Al Aleem, Al Razaaq, Al Jalil, Al Shukur and a new Headquarters for Al Muqtadir Jewellery. Identifying and buying the most stylish and traditional jewellery for you, our dear customers is our privilege. Our motivation is to provide the best quality and most pure gold and diamonds to sellers all over Kerala, India. Setting a benchmark in the gold and diamond industry is our honest dream and is what we strive for in the long run.


100s of Happy Customers

Providing an online jewellery store for you to meet all those auspicious occasions that are coming up with style and ooze luxury from every move you make. Don’t compromise in this pandemic situation, After all, gold is always an investment for the future.


Founders Words

“Giving the people what they want has always been my dream I travelled all the world’s gold destinations and have found the purest and quality material just for you. I started this company in the view to make great service to all our dear customer even at the comfort of the home (through our online store)  .100% purity is our word. You are in safe hands as all our jewellery is BIS Hallmarked.”

Mohammed Manzoor



100% purity is our word. You are in safe hands as all our jewellery is BIS Hallmarked


We are supplying gold as a wholesaler to the whole of India.


All transactions with us secure and we keep track of everything for you.